Maintain Your Picnic Tables

Picnic tables with wood planks provide a natural and appealing look at park sites, but maintenance can present problems. Lumber planks can weather, warp and decay, and they need regular and costly maintenance, from repainting to replacement. When ongoing maintenance is a problem, look for alternatives to wooden picnic tables that are hard-wearing and easier to maintain.

Q: We're looking for picnic tables that don't require the regular maintenance of wood planks with metal frames. What should we consider?

A: Consider replacing your wood planks with recycled plastic planks. You can find 100 percent recycled plastic planks that are impervious to the weather elements and insects. They are available in a wide variety of colors with UV stabilizer so they hold their color over time, and they never need to be repainted. Plastic planks are also resistant to mold and chemicals, and will never splinter or rot.

Q: What should we know about maintenance requirements for recycled plastic?

A: Unlike wooden planks, which need to be inspected, repainted and even replaced on a regular basis, recycled plastic planks require very little maintenance. Cleaning is the most common requirement, and it is as simple as washing off accumulated dirt. A pressure washer with a detergent can remove most grime.

If graffiti is a problem in your area, you should look for graffiti removal tools that are compatible with your recycled plastic planks. Be sure to wash off any residue.

While recycled plastic is dense and durable, it can be damaged by vandals. If your plastic planks have been defaced with carving, you can use a small torch to apply a small amount of heat to soften the plastic so that it can be smoothed over with a putty knife. While the repaired area will show, the carving will be gone, and the repair will last until you can replace the component with a new piece.



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