Transform Your Space With Shade

When you are looking to renovate a location or revitalize a park or site, there are ways to make a big visual impact. With their myriad colors and configurations, fabric shades provide the useful function of protecting patrons from the sun, but even better, they make a striking aesthetic statement that can put a finishing touch on your efforts.

Q: We are looking to transform a site to give it more aesthetic appeal. What should we consider?

A: Look for beautiful fabric shade elements that can be grouped or used all on their own to create a striking aesthetic impact. Stunning shade solutions are available to turn anything from a walkway to a picnic area or playground into a colorful, sculptural centerpiece for your site. Oftentimes, you can achieve an entirely new look and a strong aesthetic impact simply by installing shade structures. And, they have the added benefit of providing sun protection, increasingly a concern for many park visitors.

You can extend the impact of your shade structures from the daylight hours into the nighttime by adding lighting solutions that highlight the structures' beautiful curves and colors.

Q: We want to make a bold visual statement, but we're also concerned about providing comfort for our visitors. What should we know?

A: Look for functional, durable shade canopies that are designed to block out harmful UV rays while providing a cooling effect below. Make a visual impact with colorful canopies that are designed to screen out 99 percent of UV rays. Even better, they can lower ambient temperatures below by 15 to 20 degrees.

Don't forget the importance of being able to easily remove and reattach your canopy when inclement weather threatens, or for the winter season if snow loads are a threat. You can find canopies that are simple to remove and reattach, saving time and effort for your maintenance staff. They'll also be easier to keep clean, an important consideration when you want to make an impressive visual statement.



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