Provide All-Weather Aquatics

A swimming pool provides a great attraction for individuals and families who want to enjoy recreation and fitness activities in the water, but if your pool has to close for inclement weather or when the summer ends, you could be missing out on opportunities for year-round revenues. Pool enclosures that offer both an indoor and outdoor experience provide a smart solution, ensuring year-round, all-weather access to aquatic activities.

Q: We'd like to keep our pool open in all weather, but want to keep an outdoor feel on pleasant days. What should we look for?

A: With the right retractable enclosure, you'll be able to convert a large pool from indoor to outdoor within minutes. Pool enclosures designed for indoor-outdoor purposes should be designed to open easily, allowing you to transition from indoor to outdoor or vice versa within minutes.

When your retractable dome is open, guests can use the space as a cabana or shaded patio. It also will provide peace of mind during scheduled events to know that you can easily close the enclosure so the fun can continue.

Q: Won't year-round swimming have a dramatic effect on our utility costs?

A: Pool enclosures eliminate many costs for your facility, including the cost of opening and closing your pool seasonally, while bringing in revenue year-round.

In the closed position, your enclosure will prevent evaporation, leading to lower chemical usage. In addition, your pool will collect less debris, like leaves and bugs, which will lower maintenance and equipment costs.

In many areas around the country, enclosures can extend your swimming season without the need to add any additional heat source. How? When your enclosure is in the closed position and the sun is shining, the solar transmission effect will help warm your pool, while the enclosure prevents heat loss. Even with a heater in place, the sunlight will reduce the load placed on the heater, keeping water temperature at a comfortable level.

If you are in a location where temperatures commonly fall below freezing, you'll want to talk to your manufacturer about the best ways to maintain a comfortable atmosphere within your enclosure all year long.