Expand Your Water Play Options

Considering implementing or updating your local aquatic play area? Whether you have an existing sprayground that you'd like to refurbish and expand, or you're looking to build an entirely new splash play area, adding interactive, modular water features will inspire your community and engage all ages and abilities for years to come. Installing a wide variety of splash play products across the layout of the pad brings a wealth of discovery to your sprayground.

Q: What should we know about interactive sprayground elements?

A: Splash pad elements are scalable and interchangeable, offering the ability to switch out elements or retrofit old spray features without undergoing costly renovations and downtime.

With a wide range of vibrant colors, unique themes, water spray essentials and custom creations available, be sure to research your next manufacturer's previous projects for inspiration.

Q: How can we encourage interactive play on the spray-ground?

A: Look for spray elements that are designed to keep a range of age groups entertained for longer periods of time. Big dumping buckets might be fun, but they take time to fill, so kids lose anticipation and interest before the splash drops. To keep them engaged in the water fun, look for modular and scalable splash play features that include water buckets and multiple spray effects, such as a kinetic centerpiece with multiple dumping buckets. Constant motion and random splashes keep kids moving and engaged, and creates suspense as they wait to chase the splashes. That way, there's more time playing and less time waiting.

Innovative modular splash play features are designed with multiple buckets that dump and project water outward away from the feature.

To reduce maintenance issues, look for designs that prevent birds from using the buckets as birdbaths, and that keep kids from throwing rocks or other objects into the buckets.



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