Maintain a Safe Bathing Environment

Ensuring the safety of swimmers is critical for aquatic facility operators, and there are many important steps that go into maintaining safety. Well-trained lifeguards and properly maintained water and equipment are just two keys to ensuring the environment in and around your swimming pool is safe. But there are other easily overlooked areas where safety can easily be improved. Preventing slips and falls, and protecting swimmers when they're out of the water can be just as important as protecting them when they're in the water.

Q: We are concerned about slips and falls in our locker room and pool deck areas. What should we consider?

A: You can improve the safety of your pool deck using PVC recreational flooring. It will not only provide a slip-resistant and comfortable surface, it also can improve the look and feel of your facility, especially if you have older flooring in your locker room and deck areas.

Look for a surface that is watertight and features UV inhibitors to be sure it can withstand any sort of weather conditions and will be unaffected by pool and deck chemicals.

Q: How else can we improve safety around our pool?

A: You might consider adding safety padding designed specifically to prevent accidents around such features as diving boards, slides, aquatic climbing walls and other recreational features at your pool. You can find a durable, watertight, textured, slip-resistant covered foam landing pad system that is designed specifically for these types of fall-zone applications around water playgrounds and pools.

Look for solutions that are UV stabilized, as well as algae- and fungus-resistant and watertight. Slip-resistance is also important in wet areas.

Watertight solutions for your decking, locker room floors and safety padding will ensure that liquids and solids cannot pass through, which makes them easier to maintain, as well as ensuring they can handle pool water chemistry.