Grow a Grassroots Skating Program

Photo Courtesy of Learn to Skate USA

Last July, Learn to Skate USA reported record-breaking membership numbers for the 2018-19 season. With more than 144,000 members, the organization continues to provide high-quality programming to its customers. As the only learn-to-skate curriculum endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating, Learn to Skate USA gives members access to a nationwide network of certified instructors, a standardized curriculum and special challenges to enhance their time on the ice.

Here's how Learn to Skate USA helps ice facilities across the United States enhance grassroots programming:

Access to Training and Resources: Instructors and directors receive programming and marketing materials and access to workshops and webinars to help their programs thrive. Learn to Skate USA staff hold in-person workshops nationwide to give instructors and program administrators the tools to create a successful and financially viable skating program. Digital resources include tools to teach, newsletters and more.

All these resources help Learn to Skate USA programs across the country generate customer interest and as a result, profit for the rink. There is always new information to help grow business and maintain a high-quality skating school.

National Branding: By using Learn to Skate USA, programs are directly connected with the top organizations for the three ice skating sports: U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating. These national brands and name recognition help boost programs to a national level as well.

Photo Courtesy of Learn to Skate USA

Marketing Tools: As a nationwide organization, Learn to Skate USA organizes large-scale marketing campaigns to drive new customers to local markets. Learn to Skate USA programs can rely on the organization to create these campaigns and other marketing materials rinks can use on a local level.

Maximizing Profit: A rink's learn-to-skate program can be one its most profitable programs, and is the foundation for increased revenue throughout the entire facility. Learn to Skate USA provides a profitable program with branded marketing materials and a handbook to help directors schedule and budget classes.

Retaining Customers: Grassroots programming like Learn to Skate USA acts as a pipeline for beginner skaters, introducing them to other facility programs, such as figure skating, hockey leagues and more. Learn to Skate USA's curriculum was designed with figure skating, hockey and speed skating in mind and sets skaters up for success in whichever ice sport they choose.

Learn to Skate USA also implements communication to its directors, instructors and all members on a continuous basis. Members also have access to an interactive app to help guide them through the skating journey, pushing their experience beyond the rink.

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Taylor Dean is a communications coordinator at U.S. Figure Skating and Learn to Skate USA. She is the media liaison for U.S. Figure Skating programming and Learn to Skate USA, the editor of Learn to Skate USA The Magazine and blog, and assistant editor of SKATING magazine. With 17 years of skating experience, from being a figure skater herself to coaching students of all ages, Dean loves sharing her passion for skating with others.