Smart Strategies for Safe and Contactless Reopening

Safely opening parks and recreation facilities requires smart strategies to protect patrons and staff from illness. Complete facility management solutions can help you adhere to capacity requirements, while also providing contactless options.

Q: We're looking to reopen but are concerned about managing capacity and program registration, as well as minimizing potential contact. What should we know?

A: Consider a complete facility management software solution to help stay on top of all these requirements.

Safely reopening is made easier when you have a scheduling system that can accommodate and confirm reduced capacity. It also makes it easier for members or visitors to reserve specific times. This digital scheduling will also make it easier to ensure you are cleaning and disinfecting when needed between reserved workouts and activities. Plus, these systems can be integrated with management and maintenance solutions, ensuring you're on top of staffing, sanitization and cleaning requirements.

Q: How else can we implement contactless technology?

A: Relying on software solutions for program registration and facility reservations reduces contact between your staff and visitors. But it also provides additional opportunities for contactless engagement.

Self-checkin and checkout allows patrons to self-scan into facilities, reducing contact between staff and visitors. You can more easily create touch-less methods for sales, such as concession items and program spots. Online payments not only make the registration process easier for your staff and guests, but they also reduce the points of contact between people throughout the process. With an integrated system, you'll also be able to improve your communications with visitors, connecting your scheduling with a messaging solution that can reach patrons directly on their smartphone or other devices. You can send reminders of the events or programs they've signed up for, when they should arrive, as well as critical alerts and safety messages.



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