Provide Fresh Air & Sunshine

All indoor spaces need some form of ventilation—especially indoor aquatic facilities, where proper ventilation can help achieve and maintain good air quality as well as improving comfort, health and safety.

Q: What should we know about ventilation in our aquatic space?

A: The benefits of a naturally ventilated space have been proven, and in this time of widespread concern over the COVID-19 pandemic, proper ventilation is even more key. People might be concerned about returning to mechanically ventilated spaces, which pose a higher risk.

Studies have demonstrated the correlation between the transmission of COVID-19 in closed environments vs. open-air circulation. Therefore, introducing natural ventilation is one way to improve the health and safety of your guests. Enclosures for pools and waterparks that feature retractable roof panels and side walls can be opened to increase natural air flow help ventilate the space with fresh air.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Fresh air can also help your facility combat chloramines, which can have a negative effect on air quality and the health of swimmers and staff, plus can cause extensive damage to the pool building itself, with a worst case being serious structure failure. For indoor pools, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends ensuring that airflow minimizes the buildup of dangerous chloramines. Bringing fresh air from outside into the swimming area, and then allowing that pressure to push the chemical-laden air out, can reduce patron discomfort as well as illness linked to chloramines.

What's more, using outdoor air as a ventilation source instead of a mechanical air-handling system can reduce your operating costs, and provide better indoor air quality while at the same time reducing your overall energy draw from local utilities and carbon footprint.

Having an entire roof that opens up is an ideal solution to increase airflow with a large volume of air. What's more, a bright space open to the sunlight and natural air is more inviting and attractive to guests.