Modernize Your Pool


It might seem impossible to bring your older pool up to date, but with smart renovation strategies, you can cost-effectively modernize your existing facility.

Q: We'd like to renovate our older pool, but aren't sure where to begin. What should we know?

A: First, consider safety hazards and updated pool regulations. For example, the Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Act requires compliant grates and covers to prevent entrapment. Or you might consider installing tiles on pool steps to make them more visible.

Other accessories you should consider to improve safety and ensure your pool is up-to-date with current standards include handrails, stair rails and pool lifts and other features that enhance accessibility.

Q: Are there ways to modernize our pool that will help reduce our operating costs over time?

A: Manufacturers are always innovating to find new ways to help you streamline your pool operations and reduce costs.

Switching out old incandescent lights for LED lighting is a quick and simple way to reduce your energy costs. Other energy-saving strategies include more efficient pool heaters and filtration systems. What's more, many of these newer technologies can now be managed via an app installed on your computer or smartphone, making it even easier to stay on top of pool operations.

If your pool's surface and pool deck need updating, you should talk to your renovation partner about ways to update the surface efficiently.

Q: How can we go beyond the basics of updating our systems and pool surface to bring our aquatic facility in line with other more modern facilities?

A: Modern pools encapsulate many trends that have taken hold over the past couple of decades.

Sun shelves, or tanning ledges, provide a flat, shallow area in the water where patrons can lounge on a chair in the water, staying cool on hot days. They also provide a great place to socialize, and are popular in pools for college recreation centers and beyond.

Zero-depth entry pools have become increasingly popular over the past couple of decades, and the good news is that you don't have to start from scratch to add this feature to your pool.

If you're looking to add more fun to the water, consider adding a poolside climbing wall. Installed at the edge of the pool, these climbing walls are available in a variety of looks to meet your needs. Climbers can experience all the fun of climbing safely, followed by a plunge back into the cool water.

Q: How can we improve the aesthetics of our older pool?

A: In addition to resurfacing your pool's older interior, you should consider deck options that are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for visitors to walk on.

A more subtle but effective update is updating the coping and waterline tile for your pool. Mosaic glass tiles are a quick alteration, but make a big difference in the aesthetic appeal of your pool.


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