Create a Stand-Out Dog Park

Dog parks continue to see growth, with millions of dog owners across the country looking for a place to socialize with their pets and other people. But a dog park can be so much more than a simple fenced-in run for pets with a few benches and pet-waste receptacles. There are simple ways to make your dog park stand out from the pack.

Q: What should we know about outfitting our dog park?

A: Make sure your dog park is both pet-friendly and people-friendly by selecting a range of products designed for all of your visitors.

Owners will appreciate it if you provide comfort with benches and shade, while pets will have more fun when you expand your offerings beyond simple fencing and receptacles to also include agility equipment and more.

Don't forget to include signage that includes the rules for your park, as well as other important information.

Q: We'd like our dog park to be unique. What should we consider?

A: You can work directly with the manufacturer of your dog park equipment to find ways to add customizations that will make your park more unique, while also potentially boosting funding for your park.

For example, you can consider sponsorship opportunities, where donors add their names to agility items, signage and more to offset the cost of building your park. Or, you can customize this equipment with your park's name to make it more unique.

Another way to boost funding is to offer sponsorships and use custom colors along with branding to honor the sponsor of your dog park.

If your dog park is part of a larger park site, you should consider ways to match the equipment to your existing site furnishings to provide a more cohesive look.

With the ability to customize colors, designs and more, you can make your dream dog park a reality.