Sanitization Solution

With the pressure on to meet ever-changing cleanliness rules to get your pools open and keep them open, you can take control of keeping pool water sanitized and facility surfaces clean by generating your own chlorine and cleaning solutions.

Q: What can we do to make pool sanitization more manageable?

A: Generate your own chlorine on-site using salt, water and electricity. On-site chlorine generation eliminates the need to buy, transport, store and handle chemically unstable bulk chlorine in any form—and eliminates its price volatility. With a technologically advanced on-site chlorine system that reuses pool water, you can reduce requirements for both salt and fresh water. Just add small amounts of salt as required to the pool. As the pool water flows through the salt chlorine generator cell, it uses an electric current between positively and negatively charged plates to create sodium hypochlorite, a form of chlorine, at near-neutral pH in a sufficient concentration to sanitize your pool's water. Chlorine is generated at near pH-neutral, which means you'll need fewer chemicals to stabilize pH levels, reducing cost and hassle. Systems can be sized to sanitize multiple pools and produce the right amount of chlorine to meet your needs. The cost is the equivalent of 43 cents per gallon of bleach.

Q: How can we ensure a sufficient supply of surface cleaners at a stable price?

A: Make your own sanitizing cleaning solution using water, electricity, water-softener salt and a weak acid, such as vinegar with an on-site hypochlorous acid generator. It uses the same technology used to produce chlorine on-site to keep commercial swimming pools safe, eliminating the need for bulk chlorine and other toxic chemicals. Systems produce HOCl at 1,000 ppm FAC with a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5, producing over 95% HOCl consistently, using saturated salt feeders and level switches to automate the production process. As you use solution, the system automatically turns on and fills the holding tank. You can vary the percentage of water to produce sanitizing cleaning solutions or hand sanitizer. For 3 to 5 cents a gallon, you have the flexibility to make as much as you need whenever you need it for whatever application you need it for. Systems use reverse polarity cells, so no cleaning of the cells is necessary.