Build a Unique, Customized Splash Pad

Splash play has seen dramatic growth over the past couple of decades, as facilities turn to this simple way to provide fun in the water for visitors. As more and more communities have added splash pads to their mix of recreation and aquatic offerings, manufacturers have grown more innovative, meeting demand with an ever-expanding array of products. When you want to provide a unique splash play experience, take advantage of their customization capabilities.

Q: We're planning a new splash play area for our park, but want to create something that goes beyond off-the-shelf products to create a truly unique look and feel. What should we consider?

A: Talk to your splash play manufacturer about their customization capabilities. Customization can allow you to create unique themed designs to match the spirit of any facility.

From slides and water feature spraying to unique stainless steel features, you can find splash play elements that look like animals, sports equipment, plants and trees—virtually anything imaginable—to create unique splash pads that will reflect the personality of your community, park, or sports and recreation facility.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Customization will allow you to foster pride in your facility, and can also provide unique marketing opportunities to draw visitors to splash play areas.

Look for a manufacturer that is experienced creating customized and themed water features, with the capacity and technology that allows them to create custom products without a long delay.

Manufacturers that use robotic technology can help streamline the process of creating a customized product, from concept to completion, enabling a quicker installation for your facility.



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