Revitalize Your Park

If your parks are looking lackluster or drawing fewer visitors, it might be time to think about an upgrade. But if budgets are tight, big projects might be out of reach. How can you revitalize your park without breaking the bank? A simple upgrade to your site's furnishings is a simple and effective way to invite more visitors by improving the aesthetic of the park.

Q: We'd like to bring new life to our park. What should we consider?

A: Look for comfortable and attractive new furnishings to make a big impact without making major changes. Think about how you'd like people to use your space, as well as the aesthetic of your location. You can find furnishings, from picnic tables and benches to garbage receptacles and more, in a variety of designs, colors and materials that will enable you to create anything from a rustic wilderness area to a more formal downtown square.

Movable chairs and tables are a great option that allows visitors to configure the space to meet their needs. Even better, you can arrange these furnishings in a way that encourages social distancing, without committing to a permanent arrangement.

To create a unique space, consider customization options. You might consider furnishings that feature a plaque that includes your name or a logo for your community. Or you could look for furnishings featuring laser-cut designs. All kinds of furnishings can be customized in this manner, including benches, tables and more.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Waste and recycling receptacles are crucial to encourage people to clean up after themselves. Place receptacles near picnic areas, as well as at entrances, trailheads and parking areas to make it simple for guests to keep your site tidy.

Bike racks are another useful amenity you should include close to entrances and parking areas to encourage bikers to visit your newly revitalized park.



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