Find Long-Lasting Grills

People love to cook outside, and when you add charcoal grills to your park or campground, you create the perfect spot for a fun day of picnicking and enjoying the great outdoors. However, if your park or campground is located near a beach or in a coastal area, steel charcoal grills can quickly rust.

Q: We'd like to install charcoal grills, but are concerned about the impact of the salty sea air in our coastal area. What should we consider?

A: Look for stainless-steel grills specifically designed for areas like yours, where the natural environment is particularly corrosive to other types of steel. Stainless steel can slow the onset of rust, allowing the grill to last longer, reducing your costs for maintenance and replacement over time.

Q: What else should we consider when selecting grills for our site?

A: Be sure to keep accessibility in mind. You'll want at least some of your charcoal grills to be accessible to all users. ADA-compliant accessible grills are available with swivel grates, allowing everyone to get in on the fun.

In addition, you should look for grills that are designed for frequent use and constant exposure to the weather. For a highly durable grill, look for all-welded construction. Various types of base posts are available, but an embedded mount is standard.

If you are concerned about vandalism, theft or other kinds of abuse, talk to your manufacturer to find out about the most durable options. For example, cooking grates that are permanently incorporated into the firebox cannot be removed.



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