Medical, Science & Health Advisory Council to Advise IHRSA

The health and fitness industry is aligning with medical, science and health experts to help communicate the importance of exercise to overall well-being. To that end, and to protect public safety while improving population health and individual health risks, IHRSA, the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, has formed a Medical, Science and Health Advisory Council.

The council will advise and support IHRSA's staff and board of directors on current research and science. The purpose and objectives of the group will be to:

  • Identify ways to measure and quantify the impact of exercise and lifestyle change as a driving force to improve population health, individual health risks and post-medical-treatment outcomes.
  • Provide technical information on current science and research related to the health benefits of physical activity.
  • Guide and evaluate the development and delivery of education and resources for the industry.
  • Serve as industry ambassadors to publicly promote health safety and efficacy through proper exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits.

In order to correctly identify strategies that create synergies between medical science, healthcare delivery and preventive lifestyle measures and integrate these disciplines into health clubs, the Medical, Science and Health Advisory Council will consist of experts in medicine, public health, exercise science, exercise physiology, medical wellness, fitness, nutrition, behavior change, psychology and epidemiology.

IHRSA Interim President and CEO Brent Darden explained, "We've always felt it's important for the fitness industry to work alongside the medical and healthcare industries. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted a serious need for collaboration with medicine, allied health, research, public health professionals and organizations. We believe that the Medical, Science, and Health Advisory Council could provide the breakthrough we're looking for and help chart the course for improving the well-being of individuals around the world".

One of the council's overarching goals is to help fortify the health and fitness industry as a valued member of the continuum of health and prevention measures. Qualified data, statistics and research approved by the council will be used by IHRSA to inform the public of the safety and efficacy of independent and supervised exercise in fitness centers and communicate the fitness industry's importance to overall health.

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