Find Maintenance-Friendly Restrooms


Clean and well-maintained amenities are one of the cornerstones of managing your park effectively and encouraging guests to visit. And after more than a year of emphasis on health and safety, the cleanliness and safety of your restrooms are more important than ever. With budgets tight and staff stretched to the limit, you'll want to turn to restroom solutions that are simple to keep clean and easy to maintain.

Maintenance Made Easy

To ensure maintenance is as simple as possible, you need to start with restroom facilities that are designed specifically for easy maintenance. High-strength precast concrete roofs and walls that are welded together will ensure your restroom can not only handle tough conditions like bad weather, but also make it simple to clean up. All-concrete construction will stand up to rot, rust and corrosion, which means fewer repairs and replacements. In addition, you can simply remove the toilet paper and then hose out the entire facility, using soapy water or disinfectant solution on the walls, riser and floor when needed.

Bolts and fasteners for doors and windows can become loose, so look for steel door and window frames that are cast into the concrete walls.

If you choose a vault restroom, be aware that it will need to be regularly pumped out. Be sure to understand the capacity of the vault, and how usage will affect the timing of this service.

When it comes to the prevailing weather in your area, be sure to talk to your manufacturer about how the building will handle things like hurricanes, high winds and even earthquakes. If you face harsh winters, you'll also want to ask about how to winterize your facility.

Interior Design


Obviously, when it comes to day-to-day maintenance, the inside of your restroom is the space that matters most. Once again, being proactive and choosing restroom facilities that are designed for heavy use and abuse is critical. Look for soap and paper towel dispensers that are built into the wall, and be sure the structure relies on tamper-resistant screws for wall vents, grab bars and toilet paper holders.

After installation, regularly scheduled maintenance sweeps will help keep your restrooms clean and in good repair. In addition to cleaning and refilling toilet paper and paper towel dispensers, staff should check for vandalism or damage, and be sure everything is in working order.

Address Problems Right Away

No matter how much work you do up front to prevent them, problems will arise. Be aware that a lack of toilet paper is a top cause of vandalism, and ensure that you are refilling on a regular basis.

Graffiti and vandalism are best addressed through prevention. Concrete restroom structures are durable and can withstand a lot of abuse, including vandalism. Nighttime vandals tend to avoid well-lit areas, so take that into consideration as you are considering where to place your restroom structure. Adding lighting with motion detectors can also be a deterrent.

If graffiti or vandalism does occur, address the problem right away. Recurrence rates are much lower when graffiti is removed quickly.



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