Inclusive Ways to Boost Health Through Parks

Studies have shown that physical activity dropped for many during the pandemic, particularly for those who were active before. Now, more people than ever are flocking out to parks and public spaces to improve their health and wellness. Providing a variety of ways for people of all abilities and activity levels to boost their health will serve a crucial need in your community. Outdoor fitness areas were on the rise before the pandemic, and our new awareness of the importance of providing wellness opportunities outside will only lead to more growth.

Engage the Whole Community


Begin by considering your community's needs. Do you serve many seniors? Younger families? How active is your community now? Based on your answers, you can create an outdoor gym that meets everyone's needs with multigenerational, inclusive equipment.

Encourage activity with a variety of equipment that includes areas for stretching, machines for strengthening, space for cardio and more. Young families will enjoy fitness equipment located near playgrounds, so parents can keep active while keeping an eye on the kids. Be sure to include equipment with adjustable resistance, which can be used by newcomers to fitness as well as those who are more advanced. Seniors will enjoy equipment that helps build their range of motion and rebuild lost agility, along with low-impact equipment for building strength.

To meet the needs of those with limited mobility or who rely on wheelchairs, be sure to integrate ADA-accessible equipment that targets a range of muscle groups into your outdoor gym.

Users of all ages and abilities will benefit from the social nature of working out, so provide multiple-user units arranged in clusters to create more appeal.

Level Up

Once you've got the basics down, you can expand your outdoor gym to meet the needs of users who are more advanced. Functional fitness rigs and ninja courses can provide an outlet for users who are looking for a way to supercharge their fitness routine.

Ninja courses provide an eye-catching way to attract these community members. Allow them to test their strength, agility and endurance by racing through obstacles and competing with friends on challenging features like peg walls, rotating rings, swinging ropes and more.

Functional fitness rigs can be used by individual community members or configured by instructors to teach a group class. CrossFit-style workouts using battle ropes, suspension trainers and more will allow your fittest community members to take their workout to the next level.

Finishing Touches

Don't forget to include important amenities near your outdoor gym that will increase its appeal. Water fountains with bottle fillers, benches and bike racks are all great ways to support your community's new exercise habits. Consider adding shade for hot, sunny locations, or lighting to extend usage past daylight hours.



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