Budget-Friendly Water Play for Small Spaces

Aquatic play and splash pads have exploded in popularity over the past decade. You might be looking to jump on this trend, but what if you have a smaller space, a tighter budget or other constraints?

Q: We'd like to add water play to our park on a tight budget. We're also concerned about finding a space big enough to fit water play. What should we know?

A: You can find solutions that are purposely sized for smaller spaces, such as pocket parks, compact urban parks, campgrounds and more.

Self-contained solutions are available that require no electrical hookup, and no mechanical room or vault, allowing you to use every square foot of space you have available for aquatic fun. Plus, installation of these preconfigured splash pad packages doesn't require any special equipment and can be completed on a short timeline.

With activators to turn the water fun on, you'll be putting kids in control. One push of the activator will bring the aquatic play to life, and when the water shuts off, kids can start it up all over again.

Q: We don't have electricity on our site. Is there an option for situations like this?

A: You can find preconfigured splash pad packages featuring a technology that eliminates the need for electrical installation. Operating at the push of a button, this self-contained system can be placed in nearly any location, including places where electrical service is either unwanted or too costly to install.

Using a conservation domestic system, this type of package includes an activator, distribution manifold and collection drain in one component, making installation simple and less costly.

In addition to saving you dollars on electrical installation, these low-water-flow solutions will reduce your water consumption.

Look for solutions that will require minimal maintenance. Stainless-steel construction will ensure your splash pad is resistant to vandals, corrosion and component failure.



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