Update Your Park Offerings

Over the course of the pandemic, thousands of Americans turned to local parks and other outdoor sites for exercise, as well as for a place to socialize safely. With so much increased use of parks over the past year, now is a good time to consider some upgrades.

Q: We've seen more visitors to our park lately, and would like to ensure this trend continues. How can we make sure our site is inviting?

A: Furnishing your site with benches, picnic tables and more can provide a wide number of benefits to visitors, ultimately improving the appeal of your site. Carefully chosen and situated site furnishings are a symbol that welcomes people to parks, showing them that the site is meant for them to enjoy.

Placing benches and other seating along a trail provides people with a place to rest during their walks and workouts, ultimately improving mobility. Benches and picnic tables also provide a place for friends and neighbors to meet, which has been crucial over the past year as social distancing measures have led to increased feelings of social isolation.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Don't forget the importance of aesthetics. Choose site furnishings that match the surrounding area, whether rustic or refined. Also, look for a line of furnishings that allows you to match various site elements, from benches and picnic tables to waste receptacles and more.

Speaking of waste receptacles, you'll want to be sure to include plenty, especially near picnic areas and at entrances and near parking areas, so people will clean up after themselves.

Maintaining your furnishings—and replacing them when necessary—is also essential. Poorly maintained furnishings not only present an eyesore that will limit the number of people visiting your park, but also create a safety hazard.

Look for reliable, reputable suppliers of site furnishings. In the long run, this will be the best way to improve the look of your park, while saving you the costs associated with furnishings that aren't built to a higher standard.



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