Affordable, High-Quality LED Retrofits

When it comes to sports lighting, more and more facilities of all sizes are transitioning to systems that use the LED light source. The ability to retrofit by installing new lighting on existing poles is one way to make it more cost effective for parks, recreation and sports organizations to upgrade their facilities. However, achieving the best results from a retrofit requires more than simply swapping out your old light fixtures for LEDs.

Q: We're considering an LED retrofit at our facility, what should we consider?

A: While it can be tempting to simply replace your current lights with LEDs on a fixture for fixture basis, you want to make sure that your new lighting will meet quality expectations in terms of light levels, glare, and spill light. A 1:1 fixture-for-fixture retrofit using poorly-designed LED fixtures can be detrimental in terms of light levels, as well as your ability to control glare and spill light.

When you work with a reputable and experienced LED sports lighting supplier, you'll see plenty of benefits, over and above the dramatic reduction in your energy consumption. Well-designed LED systems are ideal for increasing light levels and enhancing playability. What's more, advanced visoring technology can minimize glare and spill light—always crucial in residential neighborhoods.

Q: What are other things to consider with an LED retrofit?

A: LED sports lighting can be a cost-effective option, reducing your energy consumption by as much as 70%, while improving the quality and control of your light. Don't simply look for the least expensive option. Check out the credentials of your supplier, and be sure to take a look at some completed projects that are similar to yours. Also, ask about financing options if budgets are a concern, and be sure to ask about the length and quality of the warranty, so you can be sure your lighting system will be in good hands if something goes wrong.



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