Upgrade Your Wooden Boardwalk

Whether along a waterfront or crossing a wetland, many parks and recreation areas rely on wooden boardwalks to help people experience their sites more fully. But maintaining wooden boardwalks can be problematic—especially in areas where salty sea air or constant exposure to moisture leads to faster deterioration time.

Finding durable solutions in these environments can help save maintenance costs, while giving your boardwalk an upgrade that visitors will appreciate.

Q: We are experiencing degradation of our wooden boardwalk at our local park and are looking to upgrade it with longer-lasting, low-maintenance materials. What should we consider?

A: Consider HDPE recycled plastic lumber for your boardwalk. Not only is HDPE recycled plastic lumber longer-lasting and low-maintenance, it is engineered to be an all-weather material solution.

Recycled from milk jugs and other HDPE products, recycled plastic lumber is a durable material alternative that is resistant to moisture and corrosive materials. That means it will maintain its performance no matter what mother nature throws at it.

Additionally, recycled HDPE plastic lumber will not rot, mold or degrade, even when submerged in water!

Easy to work with and install, recycled plastic lumber is the go-to low-maintenance material alternative.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: HDPE recycled plastic lumber isn't just a solution for your boardwalk, but for any wooden furnishings and signage at your site. If moisture and salt air are leading to corrosion of your site furnishings, you should also consider replacing materials that are susceptible to rot and degradation with recycled plastic lumber.


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