Choose A Volleyball System

Outfitting a gymnasium can be a surprisingly complex task, from selecting the right flooring to choosing sports equipment and protecting gym users with padding. There's a wide range of product options for any sport you want to include, and it's important that you select the options that best meet your needs. When you're planning to host volleyball in your gym, whether you're setting up for recreational or competitive play, you can find a volleyball net system that fits your needs.

Q: We are looking to add a volleyball system to our gym that will allow us to set up for other sports like badminton. What should we look for?

A: Multisport systems are available that will let you set up your net at a wide variety of heights. This allows you to host volleyball games on your court, but also provide for other sports, such as tennis and badminton. And if inclusive play is your goal, you can find a system that can be set up for Paralympic volleyball, allowing you to expand your volleyball program to meet all needs.

Q: We're looking for something more lightweight and simple to set up. What should we consider?

A: Look for aluminum. An aluminum volleyball system weighs 34% less than other systems while being much simpler to set up and take down. Be sure to look for a system that meets NCAA, NFHS and FIVB specifications. That way you'll be able to set up for recreational volleyball as well as providing competitive play opportunities. Systems with spring-loaded outer telescoping technology will provide more stability and less deflection during play, so be sure to ask about this as well.

Q: Are there freestanding systems available? Our facility does not have floor plates, but we'd still like to set up our gym for volleyball.

A: You can find freestanding, portable volleyball systems that can easily be set up, transported and stored away—perfect for locations where floor plates are not available. Their portability makes them perfect for tournament play, and a built-in referee platform means you have less equipment to vet and purchase.