Dogs Need Nature Too

Dog parks have been increasingly popping up in communities across the country. Along with fencing and site amenities, adding agility equipment, doggie water fountains and more can make a huge difference in how attractive your dog park is to people and their pets.

Q: We'd like to add some agility equipment to make our dog park more appealing, but we prefer to find products that complement the site's natural beauty. What should we consider?

A: You can find dog park agility and other equipment that provides all the traditional play opportunities you've come to expect, but designed to complement the natural beauty of your site. From jumps and tunnels that resemble fallen logs to boulders and stepping stones that challenge a dog's balance, this equipment is more natural-looking while also being highly appealing to dogs at play. Look for hand-painted components, which will give your site a truly unique look.

What's more, this type of equipment can be flexible when it comes to installation. You can either mount the equipment permanently, or you can go with a more temporary arrangement with landscape spikes. This allows you to rearrange equipment when needed for dog park events, or even store equipment away, if your park is only open on a seasonal basis.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: In addition to providing plenty of ways for dogs to enjoy your pet park, you'll want to ensure the comfort of owners. Choose a range of site furnishings, such as benches and shade. Plenty of options are available in recycled HDPE plastic to complement the natural-looking equipment, and as a bonus, benefit the environment by reducing waste going to landfills.

Also be sure to include signage with rules for your park, as well as space for other announcements about upcoming programs, events and opportunities.