Reboot Pool Programming After COVID


Last year's pandemic-related pool closures and limits on attendance had a dramatic impact on the number of people who were able to get out and enjoy aquatics-related activities. Now that most aquatic facilities are reopening, it's a great time to expand your program offerings to attract a wider range of pool patrons to your facility. While you'll certainly want to ramp up your traditional learn-to-swim and water fitness programs, you should also consider ways to increase the number of people coming to your pool for fun and recreation.

Expand Programming

One way to easily expand your recreational programming lineup is with modular inflatable play products. Simple to set up, inflatables provide a cost-efficient way to add more variety to your programming, transforming any size or depth pool into an adventure on the water.

Look for inflatables that are easy to install and remove, making it simple and efficient for your staff to change the configuration of the pool for the day's programming lineup.

Competition & Camaraderie

From swim clubs to municipal pools, inflatable play products are a great way to expand your programming. Rent out your space for special occasions like birthday parties, or host a competitive event in the water to build excitement in the community.

For smaller kids, consider inflatables specifically designed for younger kids. These can be places in shallow water and provide easier obstacles that help kids build self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

Larger aquatic facilities should consider a more comprehensive inflatable obstacle course that can entertain a larger number of guests at once. Combine a number of challenging inflatable modules that can be connected together to create an aquatic obstacle course, and watch the fun begin.

Smaller aquatic facilities can also get in on the fun with a combination of inflatables that will make a perfect fit.

Safety First

Look for inflatables that make it easy for swimmers to get out of the water and onto your water obstacle course. Multiple points of entry will make for more active play, so ask about how to set up your inflatable play products to maximize the fun.

Safety is crucial. Be sure you understand the minimum water depth and safety barrier required for your inflatables. All inflatable pool products should be designed and manufactured to adhere to strict safety standards. Look for reinforced welded seams and a pressure-release valve for maximum stability and safety.

In addition, you should look for inflatable play products that are designed to minimize entrapment hazards. You can rely on pool booms to create a safe, horizontal anchoring for your inflatables. This is particularly useful when it comes to higher products, as the thick foam of the pool boom will protect against sliding or jumping.



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