Turn Unutilized Land Into a Recreation Destination

Many communities might boast beautiful parks and open spaces, but still have unused or under-utilized land. These spaces present a unique opportunity to create a revenue-generating recreation destination.

Q: We'd like to develop some underutilized land in our community. What should we consider?

A: Partner with recreation experts to create a recreation destination that will enhance your community with activities that will excite and attract visitors.

To begin with, you'll want to build your team of recreation experts to help create a "master plan" for your destination. Your team should include an experienced, professional planner and/or a landscape architect.

They also should understand how to create a business model that will support your plan, with ideas for generating revenues that will help your park pay for itself, and maybe even boost your overall revenues in the long term.

If you have a body of water, such as a lake, pond or old quarry, you can easily add activities to the water. Stand-up paddleboards, pedal boats, inflatable water features and more all provide a way to bring recreation to the water.

If you don't have water, but would still like to add water activities, ask your team about building a recreation pond to suit your needs.

Whether you have water or not, you'll want to develop land-based recreation activities. Disc golf is becoming extremely popular, and is a smart way to take advantage of underutilized space that is uneven or that features trees and water—all ideal for making a game of disc golf more challenging and fun.

Other land-based options include air-filled trampoline-like jumpers, pedal karts, and even splash pads, which offer aquatic activities but without the need for lifeguards.

You can further enhance your recreational offerings with site amenities that will keep your guests comfortable, enabling longer stays (which means more revenue for you). Remember to include shade with shelters, shade structures or trees, with plenty of options for sitting.



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