Expand With Ninja Programs

Attracting new members to your facility, as well as boosting participation among your existing members, requires careful attention and continual refreshing of your programming. Taking advantage of ongoing trends, like the interest in Ninja activities driven by TV shows like American Ninja Warriors, is one way to increase participation while building revenue at your facility.

Q: We're looking to rebuild our enrollment after a tough year. How can we increase participation in our programs and grow our profits without using up a lot of space?

A: Start by looking for space-saving products that also meet a current demand. The high interest in popular ninja-warrior activities is one trend you can get behind easily without using up a lot of additional space. You can find a variety of ninja-warrior equipment configurations in a range of sizes, which means you'll have no problem getting the right fit for your facility.

It's also simple to start small with a single unit to see how your audience reacts, and then grow as their interest builds, adding new sections that offer unique challenges that will keep participation levels high.

Look for products that give people of all ages a chance to stretch their limits, from toddlers through grownups.

Q: We're interested in boosting participation with ninja equipment, but we're not sure how to develop programming. What should we consider?

A: Look for ninja equipment that is supported with curriculum resources. You can find a turnkey curriculum designed for all ages, from toddler on up. The curriculum should emphasize physical literacy and skill-building.

Weekly lesson plans for your ninja warriors should teach strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and more, but most of all, the programming should be fun.

Look for programs that also incorporate training for your staff so you'll be sure the program is consistent and top-quality.

Ninja-warrior equipment and courses will not only boost new member enrollment, it will also get your existing members excited to come back to your facility. You'll boost your retention along with new-member signups, bringing higher revenues to your business.



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