Make a Good Impression With Site Furnishings

Many people turn to online reviews before they visit a location, and that goes for parks and public facilities too. What's more, people are more likely to write reviews after negative experiences than positive experiences. To ensure your site is earning top ratings from visitors, it's important to pay close attention to the details.

User Comfort


To create more positive experiences for visitors, you'll want to be sure to include the right mix of comfortable furnishings. Do you have enough park benches and picnic tables located in aesthetically pleasing and shaded settings? Providing everyone with a comfortable spot to sit or picnic is crucial, but shade is also an important element. If your site is lacking in trees, consider commercial-grade outdoor umbrellas to offer some protection from the sun.

Who doesn't have a fond memory of time spent with family and friends at a picnic area? Continue building those memories by providing well-outfitted picnic areas—not only with comfortable furnishings, shade and a place to discard trash, but also with features like charcoal grills. Remember to include accessible amenities for patrons with disabilities to enjoy.

You also need to offer visitors other ways to cool off. Drinking fountains are essential, and with so many people toting their own water bottles, including a bottle filler is helpful. Water fountains that include a spout for dogs will also be appreciated, especially if your park includes a dog park.

What about bike racks? Already tremendously popular, bicycling has only become more so during the pandemic. You'll want to ensure riders have a safe and secure place to lock up their bike.


Keeping your site clean is also important. Litter gives a bad impression, and worse, encourages even more littering. Trash and recycling receptacles should be placed where people will be more likely to use them, including park entrances, as well as in picnic areas. In addition to regular trash and recycling, you should be aware that the No. 1 source of litter in America is from discarded cigarettes. Include cigarette receptacles, so smokers will be less likely to litter. Dog waste receptacles with dog waste bags are another smart feature to include, sending the message to pet owners that they're expected to clean up after themselves, and providing them an easy means for doing so.

Maintenance Matters

Having the right mix of site furnishings won't matter if you're neglectful when it comes to maintenance. To ease maintenance, begin by selecting sturdy, commercial-grade furnishings that are built to withstand heavy use, as well as the prevailing climate in your area.

Be sure you are regularly checking to be sure your furnishings are standing up to the elements. In addition to checking for deterioration, you should take this opportunity to tighten any hardware and address any graffiti that may have gone unnoticed.

Finally, remember how important it is to respond quickly to any problems. Address graffiti and vandalism right away, and if, in spite of all your efforts, you still earn a negative review, be sure to address the problem as soon as you can, and respond to the reviewer to let them know the issue has been handled.



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