Artistic Shade Solutions

Shelters, gazebos and shade structures can be a simple way to provide visitors to your site with a location for picnics, family gatherings and more. But you can go one step further with your shade solutions, adding artistic and aesthetically pleasing elements to create a beautiful and artistic focal point that will make your park stand out.

Q: We're looking for unique shelter and shade solutions to anchor our park visually without breaking the bank. What should we consider?

A: You can go straight to the manufacturer's catalog to find a wide array of options for shelters, pavilions, gazebos, shade structures and more. Look for designs that feature colors and materials that suit your setting and meet your goals.

Premanufactured shelters make installation easy, and you'd be surprised how many choices you'll find straight out of the catalog that will meet your needs. You can even get a custom look with shelters designed in Craftsman style that feature stunning architectural details. Or look for laser-cut details that provide a truly artistic shade solution.

You can also talk to your manufacturer about various ways to customize your shade or shelter solution to meet your park's specific needs and match your site's aesthetics.

Q: We have a park that offers a spectacular view, and would like to provide a way for visitors to take advantage of this beautiful setting and relax and enjoy the scenery. What should we consider?

A: Look for a shelter or shade solution that matches your site's aesthetic. Whether it's through architectural details that give your shelter a more upscale look or you're looking for rustic appeal, you're sure to find a solution that adds to, rather than distracting from the view.

In addition, you might consider a two-story shelter, a unique option that allows guests to get an overview and truly appreciate what your site has to offer. Two-story shelters can be stand-alone with stairs leading to the second level, or you can build them into a sloped berm to provide an accessible viewing platform.



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