Enclose Power for Safety

When you need to run power to your site, whether for sports lighting or providing power for events and festivals, safety should be a top priority. You need solutions that enable you to provide power and controls while protecting the public and your equipment.

Q: We have a ballfield and would like to add lighting so games can continue after dark, but we're concerned about safety, and protecting our lighting system. What should we consider?

A: When it comes to providing power for site lighting and sports lighting, some facilities turn to a strut and backboard system. In this type of system, individual components are mounted to a strut. This leaves them vulnerable to the elements as well as theft. Their appearance can also be visually disruptive in green spaces.

Instead, look for a weather-resistant electrical enclosure to enclose your lighting controls and electrical distribution. This type of solution is ideal whenever underground power distribution is needed.

For your sports field, you'll be able to enclose all of the controls for your lighting system, including timers, push-button starters and a buzzer to warn patrons that the lights are about to turn off. You can also rely on remote monitoring and control equipment to keep track of your system and ensure everything is in working order.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Enclosed controls contain all of your power distribution inside an enclosure, providing weather resistance and securing your controls against potential theft. In addition, you can provide power distribution to more than one application, so in addition to powering the lights and sound for your sports field, you'll be able to run power to your site's concession stand, scoreboard, shelters, or even provide power for a concert in the park or other event.

An added benefit is their visual appeal over other alternatives.