Renovate Your Pool Affordably

Many pools deteriorate over time and now require infrastructure upgrades to meet code requirements and the public's expectations. Although no worthwhile renovation is inexpensive, rethinking how you approach the project can save 50% to 75%, compared to a new pool—while resulting in a superior end product.

Q: What steps can we take to renovate our pool cost-effectively?

A: Consider consulting with a company that specializes in building beautiful pools and whose primary goal is to get as much bang for your buck as possible. An experienced aquatic renovation company that employs a systems approach should be able to give you a range of design options with clear costing in a matter of days. When a consultant tells you your pool is too old to cost-effectively renovate, get a second opinion. Modern pool renovation technology makes the pool that can't be affordably renovated extremely rare.

Secondly, get several opinions. The more potential partners you talk to, the clearer your goals will become and the better idea you will have of what approach works best for you. Specialists in renovation may present possible concepts and solutions that a new construction advocate will never bring up. New construction proponents may present product ideas and attractive amenities as well. At the end of the day, you can evaluate what best meets your needs and at what cost. Many communities find that they can use the money they save through renovating to perform upgrades.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Find a company that will allow the use of volunteers, your own labor force and local tradesmen to supplement their work. A design/build approach can be highly beneficial. Lastly, understand and communicate to your public why renovation offers such remarkable savings: It promotes the reuse of much of your investment in your existing infrastructure.