Risk Management & Claims Handling

Whether you're planning a special event or you want to provide year-round recreation, sports and fitness programs to the community, you understand how crucial it is to stay on top of risk management and safety concerns. But no matter how comprehensive your approach to safety is, accidents still can and do happen. That's why it's critical to get professionals on board who can not only help you carefully assess and address your risk, but also will be able to handle any claims that arise when trouble does occur.

Q: What should we know about risk management?

A: There are obvious ways for facilities to lower their risk of liability, from ensuring all equipment is properly and thoroughly maintained to staying aware of potential severe weather that might disrupt events. But no matter how carefully you plan, recreation activities will still involve some level of exposure to risk. Your traditional insurance policy should protect you in most areas, but you don't want to discover unwelcome gaps in your coverage when it's too late.

To really get a good grasp on all the ways your facility may be exposed, you need to enlist professional help. It's crucial to understand all of the ways your facility could be held liable for accidents and injuries, and to minimize your risk as much as possible. Working with a comprehensive, customized liability insurance provider can give you access to this kind of assistance. They will make sure that there are no gaps in your coverage that will expose you to costly and reputation-damaging liability.

Q: What should we know about how claims are handled?

A: When an accident causing bodily harm or property damage does occur, you don't want to wait for the injured party to file a lawsuit. Handling claims proactively will help ensure an equitable outcome for all parties. Be sure your insurance provider is well prepared to handle claims quickly, with a thorough investigation of the incident. Look for an insurance provider that is highly experienced in covering your type of facility or event to be sure you have a professional on your team who is well-versed in handling the types of claims you might experience.