Keep Your Pool's Water Clear & Safe

Job No. 1 for aquatic facility operators is keeping swimmers safe in the water. Maintaining good water quality in your pool prevents waterborne illnesses while providing a clear view for lifeguards.

Q: What are the basic steps we should follow to ensure our pool's water is clear and safe?

A: First of all, ensure your water maintenance solution is in working order. Sanitization systems should be designed to meet the specific needs of each individual pool. Inputs that will affect the design of these systems include the size of the pool, the typical number of swimmers in the pool at one time, and the hours of operation, as well as whether your pool is located indoors or out.

Systems that use chlorination as a primary method of sanitization along with controllers to adjust to changes in the pool as they occur are the best way to maintain consistent water quality. You may want to investigate clarifiers and coagulants, which can help reduce sanitizer consumption and prevent problems.

Be sure you are following best practices in maintaining your pool's water quality. This includes testing the water on a regular basis, and adjusting to any changes as they occur, whether you do that manually or via feeders and controllers.

Q: What else should we know?

A: Be sure your staff is well-trained on best practices in maintaining water balance and sanitizer residuals. They should understand the operation of your water maintenance system, and ideally are following an established schedule of daily tasks that help ensure the pool water is safe.

Lifeguards and pool staff are your first line of defense when it comes to potential problems. Lifeguards are generally well aware of any issues with the clarity of the water, as their job requires crystal clear water in order to see any struggling swimmers.

Be sure to protect your staff from dangerous chemicals with proper education. Also, consider using chlorine tablets instead of liquid chlorine, which is more challenging to store and handle safely.



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