Accessorize Aquatics to Attract Patrons

The pandemic forced the closure of many aquatic facilities. Now that they're reopening, they're looking for ways to attract new and former patrons back to the water. Adding accessories that pack a big punch can give aquatic facilities a "waterpark-like" pizzazz.

Q: What can we add to our aquatic facility to attract more patrons?

A: Adding slides, spray and play water features as well as climbing walls and zip lines are all ways to quickly and easily enhance the attractiveness of an aquatic facility. Kiddie pools and splash pads are the perfect place to add a slide or a spray feature. Slides are easy to install and provide increased fun for patrons. Smaller slides provide a simple solution, especially for the often-underutilized 'kiddie' pool or beach entry areas. These slides are ideal for facilities looking for a renovation option they can do fast, without having to tear up their decks.

In addition, "themed" water products give facilities a memorable feature that kids will talk about and want to return to experience. Ocean, pirate, nature and sports themes are all popular and memorable. Slides come in a variety of sizes and footprints, making them fast, easy and budget-friendly solutions for any space.

New spray, play water features and climbing walls also provide multiple thrill levels to a range of ages. By creatively reassessing aquatic facility space and capitalizing on existing plumbing and pumps, commercial aquatic facilities can quickly create a renovation plan that will bring back old patrons and reach out to a larger group of new patrons to quickly increase attendance and boost profits. For example, low-water-level spray features keep toddlers entertained with a variety of gentle water effects while water sprayers for older kids come in a wide variety of effects such as misters, fans and streams. Combinations of effects add play value to these unique spray features.



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