Protect Swimmers From the Sun

Most of us understand that the sun's dangerous ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, and the No. 1 way the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommend to protect yourself is shade. But when it comes to aquatic facilities, many swimmers spend time in the water and on the pool deck completely exposed to the sun, raising the risk.

Q: How can we protect swimmers from the sun and prevent sunburns?

A: Lots of aquatic facilities provide shade at poolside with umbrellas and other canopies, but if you really want to protect swimmers, you should provide shade over the entire pool, not just seating areas. But how do you shade your pool while still providing the outdoor aquatic experience your patrons expect?

Sail-like shade canopies can be designed in a virtually unlimited variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Durable sail-shaped canopies can protect swimmers from the sun's harmful UV rays, while also helping to keep the pool's water temperature comfortable.

As an added benefit, sail canopies provide a vast array of imaginative configurations, creating a show-stopping skyline for your swimming pool.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Be sure to ask your shade manufacturer about warranties on metal components and fabric canopies and cables. Cables and hardware should be made of stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance—especially important in pool areas.

Weather can pose a problem, and while shade structures should be engineered to handle harsh weather, there are limits (hurricanes and snow, for example). It's important to be able to remove and easily reattach your shade canopy, so look for a built-in fastening system that allows your staff to perform this important task.



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