Pathway Lighting Reinvigorates Running Trail

Community feedback spurred the renovations of the Amazon Park Running Trail in Eugene, Ore. The popular 5.5-mile bark and mulch pathway was rebuilt with a thicker rock base, new surfacing and drainage. In addition, lighting was introduced or upgraded along sections of the trail.

A particular quarter-mile stretch of the trail runs between the woods and Amazon Creek, and walkers and joggers had expressed concern about the lack of lighting on the narrow path. So, the City of Eugene approached HL Stearns Lighting & Controls to propose a solution.

Hydrel's 3100C was selected. The impact-resistant bollard was chosen because it was able to address the project's multiple lighting considerations, including safety, ambience, surrounding habitat, light pollution, energy efficiency and durability. A total of 47 round bollards were installed along one side of the path.

Each fixture delivers up to 1810 lumens, and a forward throw asymmetric distribution was chosen to ensure that 180 degrees of light is directed toward the path. Installed at 30 feet apart, the bollards deliver sufficient illumination along the pathway to ensure that pedestrians feel safe and secure regardless of the season.

The attractive 42-inch-high louvered bollards, with a black finish, provide a stylish presence along the trail. And with each luminaire specified at a warm 2000K color temperature, the lighting enhances the surrounding environment, while contributing to a welcome, secure space. This color temperature is also less intrusive to nearby wildlife.

Forward throw distribution of the luminaires ensures there is no spillover to the creek behind the fixtures, avoiding light pollution. Louvers, while decorative, also serve to minimize light trespass. And the dome top provides full cut-off, complying with the city's Dark Sky requirements.

From above, the bollards cast an intriguing pattern of light against the red mulch path; the pattern invokes the imagery of a snake meandering through the forest.

A photocell with dusk-to-dawn functionality contributes to energy efficiency, while safeguarding pedestrians at the appropriate times of day.

The heavy-duty bollards are both impact- and vandal-resistant. Combined with a durable polyester TGIC powder coat finish, the bollards will stand up to the wear and tear of the public space for years to come.

Feedback on the lighting installation has been very positive. On a typical evening, the pathway is often quite busy, despite the time of day or evening. The light has not seemed to deter local wildlife, as one can often spot nutrias grazing along the path. Ultimately, the warm, even illumination of the running trail has created a welcoming and secure environment for local outdoor enthusiasts.



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