Find Tough & Efficient Restroom Solutions


If you want guests to enjoy your site and stick around longer, you need to ensure you're providing all of the right amenities. Restrooms are an especially important consideration, and while many parks and sites turn to porta-potties, they're not always appealing to guests. You want a solution that's people-friendly but also maintenance-friendly, and tough enough to withstand weather and abuse.

Available with a wide variety of layouts and finishes, premanufactured concrete restroom structures might be just the solution you're looking for.

Tough Stuff

A premanufactured concrete restroom structure can withstand heavy use and even the abuse of vandals, as well as heavy snow loads to hurricanes, flooding and even earthquakes.

Talk with your manufacturer about the prevailing weather in your area to be sure you're getting the solution that best meets your needs. Look for high-strength precast concrete roofs and walls the meet local building codes. To ensure vandalism or heavy winds won't damage bolts and fasteners, look for steel door frames and window frames that are cast into the concrete walls.

In addition to helping them withstand nasty weather, concrete restroom structures' tough construction also helps them resist the nasty intentions of vandals. Because the structures are so durable, they can take a lot of abuse.

That said, it's better to be proactive to prevent such problems. First, be aware that a top cause of vandalism is a lack of toilet paper, so you'll want to be sure you're checking and refilling toiletries on a regular basis. Vandals often strike at night, but will avoid well-lit areas, so consider placing your restroom structure where there is lighting. Lighting with motion detectors is often an effective deterrent.

If problems do occur, be sure to address them as soon as possible. Graffiti and vandalism that is not addressed right away encourages more bad behavior.

Efficient Planning & Installation

In addition to durability, premanufactured restrooms also offer efficiency, from planning and installation throughout their lifespan.

More complex solutions take time to design and construct, adding to your cost as well. With a premanufactured structure, you won't need a designer or a construction team. You can simply work with your manufacturer to choose the aesthetic and layout that's best for you, and your restroom will be shipped to your site, ready for installation. Most flush facilities can be installed and ready for use in one day.


Minimal sitework is required. If you're installing a flush facility, you'll need utility stubs on a gravel pad. There are also options available if your site doesn't have utilities. While access to electric and plumbing will allow you to provide a restroom with lights and running water, vault restrooms are available in a broad variety of configurations and designs, providing an option for sites without utility hookups.

Efficient Maintenance

With staffing presenting challenges over the past year, you don't want to overload your loyal employees. Be sure your restroom structure is designed specifically to make maintenance easy.

All-concrete construction stands up to rot, rust and corrosion, so your staff will have fewer repairs to make over time. High-strength precast concrete roofs and walls that are welded together are easy to clean. You can just remove the toilet paper, then hose the facility out using soapy water or disinfectant solution on the walls, riser and floor.

Vault restrooms do require regular pumping. Make sure you discuss the vault's capacity with your manufacturer, and be aware of how usage affects the timing of pumping out the vault. For example, a restroom in a park that sees a lot of use on a holiday like the Fourth of July or Labor Day might need additional attention at that time.

Day-to-day maintenance should follow a regular routine, with staff stopping by to clean and check toilet paper and paper towel dispensers. In addition, they should look for vandalism and damage.



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