Protect Your Commercial Pool

Whether your pool is a standard rectangular lap-style pool or a more complex lazy river, commercial pool covers can be designed specifically to meet your requirements.

Why Pool Covers?

Pool covers create a secure, taut barrier over the swimming pool that keeps leaves and other debris from falling into your pool. To be considered a "safety cover," the cover must meet specific ASTM guidelines, including the ability to support a specific amount of weight. A well designed and installed cover should have no gaps along the edges. This way, the cover can keep debris from sneaking under the edge and protect people from accidents.

When you cover your pool during the hours and seasons when it's not in use, you can extend your pool's life and reduce long-term maintenance, as well as liability. You'll lose less energy and use less water and less chemicals, as the pool will be protected from evaporation and UV light.

Pool covers also offer an aesthetically pleasing solution when your pool's not in use.

Unique Needs

Pool covers are available for every type of commercial pool, from small homeowners associations through large multi-pool municipal aquatic complexes.

Smaller, more traditional pools will be able to use a relatively simple pool cover solution, but more complex aquatic facilities can get all the benefits of pool covers, too. If your pool goes beyond the traditional rectangle, custom designs and applications are available to cover your unique body of water. From in-pool fountains to swim-up drink areas, large waterslides, lazy rivers and more, custom pool covers can be created to suit your pool's needs.

Some cover manufacturers also offer design options that let you separate a single large cover into smaller, more manageable covers. That's especially useful for pools that feature unique shapes as well as very large pools. The smaller covers make it easier for you and your staff to manage setting up and removing the pool cover. This type of cover is ideal for a lazy river with its unique features, twists and turns.

Want to reinforce your brand? You can add logos and branding to your pool cover as well.



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