Simplify Payment Processing & Fulfillment

From day camps to fitness classes and recreation center memberships, the products and services offered through parks, recreation, sports and fitness facilities can vary. However, most share one aspect—requiring payment. An ineffective or outdated payment processing solution can present challenges for overstretched staff, and frustration for patrons. You need a system in place that will allow you to accept payments securely and efficiently.

Payment Processing

If you're already using a digital solution to manage registrations and scheduling, you may be able to integrate various payment processing tools.

Be sure to look for a fully integrated payment processing solution. Often this will involve a "payment facilitator," an industry term describing a business that handles onboarding, underwriting and associated risks. Ideally your payments partner will be able to provide in-person, online and billing payment processing.

Are you offering the right options to meet patrons' payment expectations and preferences? Consider whether you will accept cash, credit cards (including NFC and contactless options) and/or checks as well as where each method may be suitable.

For those who want to avoid the fees and interest associated with credit cards, e-checks are an attractive option. E-checks use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to direct-debit from a customer's checking account to your account. Patrons using this option can simply enter their check number, bank account and routing number at a typically lower processing cost. Organizations may also be able to

utilize service fees to further reduce credit card processing fees.

Finding a Partner

Talk with your software or digital solution provider about the range of services they offer. Working with a provider that incorporates both payment facilitation and support can reduce communication problems and challenges that often arise when having to use multiple service providers. Look for a well-established solution that incorporates all the digital services your organization needs under one umbrella. In addition to payment solutions, you can find digital solutions to help with everything from program and activity registration to event ticketing, facility reservation and more.



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