Attract Aquatic Guests Year-Round

One of the top challenges for aquatic facilities is growing their membership, along with providing quality programming and facilities. Aquatic facilities that can operate and attract guests year-round, providing protection during the colder months and an open-air experience in the summer, can overcome these challenges.

Indoor Facility Challenges

While indoor facilities can remain open year-round, they present other difficulties. To begin with, construction is costly and time-consuming, and with their complex humidity and ventilation challenges, they require more expensive equipment. In addition, they are more resource-intensive. Equipment that runs 24/7 will require more frequent maintenance and ultimately, replacement.

What's more, members who enjoy your facility might head for outdoor facilities when the weather warms up.

Outdoor Facility Challenges

Outdoor pools provide summertime appeal, but even during the warmer months they sometimes must be closed due to storms or chilly temperatures. On top of that, most outdoor aquatic facilities offer little more than three months of swimming. This seasonal operation requires annual opening and closing, with additional work to prepare for the summer season or winterize the pool for the off-season.

Outdoor pools also require more maintenance and cleaning. To maintain good water quality, the pool must be kept clean from debris and leaves. In addition, the interaction of direct sunlight with its UV rays and the pool's water lead to more chemical and pH balancing.


Retractable pool enclosures can provide the best of both worlds, offering an indoor-outdoor experience and an all-weather, year-round venue for aquatic programming. You can cover large spaces, installing the enclosure just once to provide a durable, permanent solution.

You'll never need to cancel programs or events due to bad weather. And when the weather clears, you can go from indoor to outdoor in less than 2 minutes.

You'll get all the benefits of an outdoor pool—abundant natural light during the day, and easy availability of fresh air even during rainy days, which will decrease or even eliminate the need for an HVAC system.

Because the pool is easily enclosed, you'll do less cleaning, maintaining and water balancing.