Bring More People to the Pool

Aquatic facility directors are always on the lookout for creative new ideas to keep pools busy—especially during non-peak periods—and maximize the bottom line. This often translates into the need for creative new ideas when it comes to pool programming.

In fact, respondents to Recreation Management's Industry Report survey whose facilities included aquatic elements are consistently more likely than those without aquatics to report that coming up with new and innovative programming ideas is a top concern for their facilities.

When you invite swimmers with exciting new opportunities to experience your aquatic facility, you'll ensure your pool stays busy, and boost your bottom line.

Beyond the Basics

While traditional learn-to-swim, water safety, lifeguard training and water aerobics programs will always be popular, keeping the pool busy means expanding options to provide more outlets for fun, fitness and recreation.


Modular inflatable play products offer the perfect opportunity to expand your recreational programming. Inflatables are simple to set up and provide a cost-effective way to bring more variety to your programming lineup. With inflatables, pools of any size or depth can be transformed into aquatic adventures.

What's more, their modularity allows you to mix and match elements, or move them around, which means you can continually refresh the experience. You can even create a comprehensive inflatable obstacle course that can entertain a large number of guests at once.

Fun, Fitness & Competition

Once you've got your modular inflatable play products on hand, there's no end of ideas for creative programming to bring more people to the water.

Renting out your space for events can help boost your bottom line. Events like birthday parties are a great way to fill your pool, and as an added bonus, you might attract new members or visitors as birthday party attendees might be new to your facility.

Looking for a new way to promote facility rentals? What about team-building? Many organizations are looking for creative new ways to inspire and unite their team members, and a team-building event featuring a little friendly competition via an inflatable obstacle course offers fun for everyone.

Speaking of friendly competition, you could also add competitive events using your inflatables to your program lineup. Competitive events will attract spectators as well as participants who want to test their balance, coordination and motor skills.

While your pool might already feature water fitness activities like water aerobics, aqua-yoga and water walking, you also could consider turning to your inflatables for fitness programs that will get participants' hearts pumping, while also encouraging some fun!

Other Considerations


Remember to ensure your activities are age-appropriate. If your facility sees a lot of smaller children, consider inflatables specifically designed for this audience. These provide easier obstacles that help kids build their confidence and problem-solving skills, and can be placed in shallow water.

Look for inflatables for small children as well as teens and adults that make it easy for swimmers to get out of the water, with multiple points of entry. This allows for more active play, maximizing usage.

Don't forget safety. Be sure to ask about the minimum water depth and any safety barriers that might be required for your inflatables. All inflatable pool products should be designed and manufactured to adhere to strict safety standards. Look for reinforced welded seams and a pressure-release valve for maximum stability and safety.

Also, be aware of entrapment hazards. Pool booms can create a safe, horizontal anchoring for your inflatables. This is especially useful for higher products, as the thick foam of the pool boom will protect against sliding or jumping.



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