Protection for Special Events

Parks, recreation and sports organizations often host special events, from 4th of July fests to Turkey Trots, concerts in the park, sports tournaments and more. When you host a special event, you can face liability risks. Special event insurance can help.

Common Accidents

All kinds of accidents can occur at special events. Guests can slip and fall, fights can break out, a stage may collapse, guests can drink too much alcohol and cause a car accident, and employees can accidentally damage venue property.

Accidents that cause property damage or bodily injury could lead to a liability claim against you or your business. Particularly at sporting events or events where fireworks are used, injuries and property damage can happen more frequently.

Since accidents at events are so common, purchasing special event insurance is crucial for many event hosts.

Special Event Insurance

Special event insurance provides protection for event holders who face liability or lawsuit for property damage or bodily injury to third parties and more. Along with protection from damages, you may also be able to protect your investment in the event. This insurance can also provide coverage for the venue or event sponsors if they are added to the policy.

Special event insurance can protect you or your business if you are sued by a guest who is injured while attending your event or a venue that sustains property damage from your event. Without event insurance, the costs of a lawsuit could fall to you if an accident occurs at your event. If your business hosts events, then special event insurance can protect both your business and your client.

What May Be Covered?

When you obtain event insurance, you should ask your provider about the coverage offered. Some types of coverage that are commonly offered through event insurance include:

  • General liability: injuries that are sustained by a guest or participant as well as damage to a third party's property
  • Liquor liability: Damage or injury caused by an intoxicated guest
  • Event Cancellation: for when your event unexpectedly needs to be canceled or postponed due to circumstances beyond your control such as adverse weather or death
  • Customized Coverage: You can also purchase additional coverage under special event insurance