Plan an Effective Functional Fitness Space

Attracting and retaining members is the key to ensuring your fitness facility's ongoing success, and that means providing up-to-date equipment and the latest trends in programming. Functional fitness aims to support people in their everyday lives, improving their flexibility and strength. You can set up your fitness facility to support functional fitness, along with any other programming trends.

Get the Ball Rolling

Attention to your facility's layout and aesthetic aspects will also have an impact on how attractive your facility is to members and potential members. At the same time, you need to plan for flexibility, so you can continue to adapt to the constantly changing demands of the fitness and wellness market.

Your facility's design will affect your ability to deliver programs that will attract members and keep them coming back. The good news is, your fitness equipment supplier has knowledge of how to create a more effective fitness space, and some even offer their services to help you plan your facility.

Be sure the experts you're working with have experience with your type of facility and programs. Once you get started, they can use 3-D CAD drawings to help you get an idea of how your gym will look.

Be sure to keep flexibility in mind, so you'll be able to drop programs that have less interest so you can adopt more engaging offerings. The layout of your facility will determine whether you can take advantage of new trends like small group training, rehabilitation, sport-specific training and functional fitness.

Equip Yourself

Look for a supplier that can help you meet a wide variety of functional training needs to help equip your facility. Some program types will require unique equipment, so be sure to find out what will work for your facility.

Functional training, for example, can employ a range of equipment, from medicine balls, bands and tubing to suspension trainers and beyond. Racks and stations can free up floor space while providing an ideal location for various body-weight training exercises as well as a place to connect suspension trainers, resistance bands, training ropes and more.

Work with a supplier that provides a wide range of equipment, from rehab and functional training equipment to cardio machines and more, to make the most of your facility's layout.



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