LED Retrofits: System Reliability & Longevity

Well-designed LED sports lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to 70%, while improving light quality and control. So it's no surprise that sporting venues are increasingly turning to LEDs, a strategy made more cost-effective by the ability to retrofit by installing new lighting technology on existing poles.

But there are some important considerations to take into account in order to achieve the best results from your LED retrofit. The least expensive option might look attractive, but it's crucial to ask some specific questions first.

Due Diligence

LED sports lighting began to emerge for parks, recreation and school sports field installation about three to five years ago. Now, many are discovering that their relatively recently installed LED lights need to be replaced. Typical problems include inadequate on-field light levels, glare and spill that affect neighbors, and overall reliability.

In one example, a high school was ordered by the city to keep its newly installed LED stadium lights turned off until it could resolve issues of glare and spill light affecting nearby homes. When the original manufacturer couldn't fix the problem, the school had to install an entirely new system.

Don't simply select the least expensive option. Ask for your manufacturer's credentials, get references from past customers, and if possible, visit fields that feature various LED lighting to compare and contrast performance. Ask about the length and details of the warranty, so you will be sure who is financially responsible for resolving a problem if one should arise.

What Else to Consider

Be sure you are working with a manufacturer with a deep understanding of the ins and outs of sports field lighting. It might be tempting to simply replace your current lights with LEDs on a fixture-for-fixture basis, but this approach to LED retrofits typically brings disappointing results, with a negative impact on light levels, as well as the ability to control glare and spill light.

Instead, work with an experienced LED sports lighting supplier that can guide you through the retrofit process. In addition to the dramatic impact on your energy consumption, a well-designed LED system can help increase light levels, maximizing playability while minimizing glare and spill light through advanced visoring technology.



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