Choose Site Furnishings That Will Stand Up to Heavy Use

When parks see increased traffic, it places more wear and tear on park amenities like benches and picnic tables. You can save money and ease maintenance by choosing products that are designed to stand up to heavy traffic.

Longevity & Maintenance

One of the first ways to know that the site furnishings you choose will withstand heavy use is by looking at the warranty. Companies with durable products back them with extended warranties.

Picnic tables can take a beating, so be sure to choose tables made with durable materials and surfaces that can easily be cleaned or pressure-washed. Look for products that are maintenance-free and won't rot, splinter or sag, and prevent fading due to sun exposure by choosing furnishings that are UV-resistant.

Increased traffic leads to increased trash. To make the job easier and safer for your maintenance crew, choose side-door receptacles to reduce injuries from heavy, overhead lifting.

You'll also want to encourage recycling and make it simple to pick up after pets. Recycling containers should be clearly labeled with text or symbol. And every park should have a durable dog waste system with pet-waste bags and closed containers to conceal odor.

Theft and vandalism can also become a problem when traffic to your site increases, so choose products made of materials that can be repaired easily, such as recycled plastic, thermoplastic or powder-coated furnishings. You can purchase kits to repair some materials, or follow basic cleaning instructions from your manufacturer. To prevent theft, choose heavy tables made from materials like concrete or recycled plastic.

Be sure your maintenance crew understands how to clean site furnishings. For example, cleaning with soap and water will get rid of most surface-level dirt on recycled plastic. Pressure washing, under 1400 psi, will take care of more stubborn stains, as well as salt in coastal areas. To remove graffiti, rub a generous amount of acetone on furniture to remove. Sand out shallow scratches using mild grit sandpaper.

Safety First

Make sure to keep your park safe with proper lighting. Solar lighting is a great solution that doesn't require electricity.

Don't forget parking lot safety. Use speed bumps or radar signs to slow traffic, and increase visibility of pedestrians and bikers with flashing crosswalk signs.



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