Convert Your Kiddie Pool to a Splash Pad

Many aquatic facilities considering renovations choose to replace their kiddie pools with splash pads, and for good reason! Kiddie pools tend to be under-utilized and outdated, with little playability, while splash pads can bring new interest—and new people—to the facility.

Parks have seen a rising demand for play areas that include all community members regardless of age or ability. Splash pads can help meet this trend, as splash pads can easily be designed to encourage a wide range of people to take part. A variety of water features, flow, spacing, size and color can help make the facility more inclusive.

Splash pads are also chosen to replace kiddie pools for safety reasons. Because there is no standing water in a splash pad, they don't require lifeguards.

While splash pads might require winterization, they come out ahead of kiddie pools when it comes to daily maintenance. There is less water to manage, which means less maintenance. Most kiddie pools are either recirculating or flow-through systems. When renovating these into splash pads, the maintenance is either the same, and the system can either stay the same or be upgraded. Recirculation systems, allowing the use of treated water, are common for splash pads. But splash pads use a much smaller amount of water, which means less chemical usage and lower operational costs.

Splash pads can also enhance the overall visual aesthetics of the area. Adding lighting to the splash pad can transform it to a unique and eye-catching aesthetic element.

You also can extend your season when you put a splash pad in place of a kiddie pool. Most swimming pools open around Memorial Day and close at Labor Day, but your splash pad will be able to open earlier and stay in use later in the year.

Renovating kiddie pools into splash pads is a simple process. The concrete of the small pool will need to be removed, and new plumbing and concrete installed, but the area of the work is small. In addition, piping will need to be installed, depending on how many features the splash pad contains.

Facilities interested in creating more inclusive splash pads should talk with splash pad manufacturers about selecting features, as well as design and placement guidance, to ensure the splash play area is attractive and welcoming to a larger segment of the population.



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