Add Entertainment—and Income!—to Your Park

Gazebos, shelters and other structures make your park more inviting. They not only can improve the aesthetic appeal of your site, but guests will stick around longer if they have a place to get out of the hot sun or a sudden rain storm. But the structures you add to your park sites can do much more, providing entertainment as well as opportunities to generate revenue.

Entertainment & Revenue

If you install an amphitheater or bandshell in your park, you'll transform your space into a destination. Your amphitheater can be a home for a wide range of events, from concerts in the park to community theater performances and more.

Park amphitheaters can also help support your programming, giving kids participating in performing arts programs a place to show off their new skill, or providing a central location and live music on holidays like the Fourth of July.

Bandshells and amphitheaters can also be used to generate revenues. For example, you can sell tickets for attendance at various performances.

You also can support your events with sponsorships from the local community. If you host a weekly concert-in-the-park series during the summer, for example, line up several sponsors, and allow them to display signage.

Picnic shelters and pavilions can also provide a revenue source. Popular pavilions can be rented out for activities, such as receptions, family gatherings and birthday parties. Or you can allow reservations and rentals on days when a large number of people will visit your park.

Other Considerations

If you plan to host live music and other performances, be sure to keep site utilities in mind. You'll need electricity to power equipment, and lighting if you plan to extend events into the evening.

You don't have to design your amphitheater, bandshell or pavilion from scratch. Look for premanufactured versions of these amenities to simplify planning and installation. A broad variety of options are available straight from manufacturers' catalogs, providing you the opportunity to get a cohesive look for your entire site as you match various types of structures.

If you want a truly unique look, ask about customization options. Many manufacturers offer the ability to modify their existing designs by changing the overall size, raising and lowering roofs, extending eave overhangs and more. Accessories can also be added, such as ornamentation, premium columns and more.



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