Choose the Right Dog Park Equipment

If you're thinking about how to expand your dog park offerings, there's a lot to take into consideration, from the types of amenities available to the materials they are made of.

Outfit Your Dog Park

When the time comes to outfit your dog park, you have plenty of options. Start by considering the needs of your visitors, both human and canine. You'll want to include shade and seating for the comfort of pet owners, agility equipment and maybe even water features for pets, and drinking fountains for all visitors.

Equipment is available in a wide range of colors and designs, so you can design your dog park to suit your needs, whether you want it to blend into or stand out from the natural surroundings.

The materials you choose are also important, and your choice will depend on your goals and the prevailing weather and environment of your area.

If your organization aims to be environmentally friendly, consider eco-friendly components made with 100% recycled heavy-gauge aluminum and durable HDPE posts made from recycled milk jugs. This will help keep aluminum and plastic out of landfills.

Aluminum also offers other benefits over steel. It is rust-resistant—an important consideration in the typically corrosive environment of the dog park. It's especially important in coastal communities, where salt can cause corrosion, making steel an impractical choice. Aluminum also distributes heat more evenly, protecting pets and people on hot summer days. Due to its lower weight, it is also easier to ship and install.

When considering agility equipment, look for textured coatings that provide slip resistance to ensure dogs can keep their footing. Be sure there are no openings or perforations that might potentially injure dogs as they play.

Other Considerations

Besides providing fun activities for pets, you also should make sure people will be at ease in your dog park. Site furnishings like benches and shade are available to complement your other equipment.

Don't forget signage! You'll want to include signage outlining the rules and hours of your park. You might also consider providing space for announcements about pet-friendly programs, events and other opportunities in your community.



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