Simplify the Procurement Process

Whether you're building a brand-new facility or updating existing ones, you'll need to find and purchase new equipment. Where to begin? With such a wide variety of options, determining which suppliers will be the best fit is complex and time-consuming. For those who want to simplify and streamline procurement, the good news is that there are service providers whose central purpose is to make it easier for you to sail through the procurement process.

Simplify & Streamline Purchasing

If you want to streamline purchasing for your facility, look for a purchasing cooperative whose goal is to make the procurement process more efficient. Taking advantage of economies of scale, purchasing cooperatives are able to leverage public-sector demand for products, allowing them to provide more competitive prices to their members, lowering the overall cost of acquisition. Whether you're looking for site furnishings and playground equipment, indoor and outdoor sports equipment, technology or other amenities for your sports, recreation and fitness facilities, you'll be able to find what you need, quickly and at a lower cost.

Membership in a purchasing cooperative is free for a broad range of purchasing entities, from municipalities and counties to nonprofits, school districts and colleges. How is this possible? When you place an order, the vendor pays a transaction fee, which helps cover the cost of operations for the purchasing cooperative and has almost no impact on the price you pay for products, due to economies of scale.

Signing your organization up for a membership is easy. The cooperative vets each agency to ensure their request is legitimate, and once the application is accepted, you can work through the cooperative on purchasing.

How It Works

The purchasing cooperative offers more cost-effective and efficient purchasing by doing much of the upfront work for you. The cooperative finds common products and services, then advocates on behalf of its members for fair terms and conditions. This saves you from time-consuming work vetting providers, and reduces your overall cost by scaling procurement.

Ultimately, you'll be able to purchase your equipment and update your facility faster, relying on suppliers who have already been vetted and avoiding the time-consuming bidding process.



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