Cost-Effective, Simple Splash Pads

Splash play areas continue to be among the most commonly planned amenities for parks and other outdoor recreation areas. As their popularity has exploded, those who design these spaces have grown ever more innovative, which is great news for communities whose plans for splash play are constrained by space limitations, budgetary belt-tightening and other constraints.

If you're dealing with budget and space constraints, look for splash pad packages designed specifically for your needs. For example, where space is a challenge, you can find a solution that has been scaled to fit smaller spaces.

When you want to get the most out of every square foot of available space, you'll want to minimize the space required for things like a vault or mechanical room. Preconfigured, self-contained splash pad solutions that require no mechanical room or vault or even an electrical hookup are available, maximizing the play value of the space you do have.

No electrical service to your site? That's no longer a problem with the availability of preconfigured splash pad packages that feature technology that eliminates the need for electrical installation. These systems operate with the push of a button, and can be installed in just about any location, including where electrical service would be unwelcome or too costly to install.

Featuring a domestic single-pass system, this type of package includes an activator, distribution manifold and collection drain in a single component, which will simplify installation while keeping costs lower. Even better, this low-water-flow option will reduce your water consumption without reducing opportunities for play.

Featuring activators to turn the water on, you'll be putting kids in control of their splash play experience. A push of the activator will bring the aquatic play to life. When the water shuts off, kids can have fun racing back to get the splash play fun going again.

As if it weren't enough to find a splash pad that can be installed so easily, in small spaces with no electricity, this type of package has yet another benefit: minimal maintenance. With stainless-steel construction, the splash pad will be resistant to vandals, corrosion and component failure. What's more, the simplicity of the design means less permitting will be required, and construction is so simple, you can even turn it into a community build event.



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