Encourage Pet Owners to Clean Up

Whether your park has a dedicated dog park for people and their four-legged friends, or it's just a welcoming and popular space for the whole community, you likely have some visitors who are not picking up after their pets.

Dog waste isn't just smelly and unsightly. It also can spread diseases to people and other dogs, including ringworm and parvo. It also can contain poisonous contaminants that can be harmful to waterways and the ground.

The good news is there are steps you can take to encourage even the most reticent dog owner to scoop the mess.

First, be sure your park or public space is pet-friendly by installing pet waste stations in convenient locations. Pet waste stations provide a visual cue to pet owners, reminding them to clean up after their four-legged friends. A pet waste station includes pet waste bags, along with a lined receptacle and sometimes even signage notifying dog owners of the rules.

If your park is large and sees a lot of pet traffic, look for bundles that allow you to acquire multiple pet waste stations. Then, be sure they are easy to see and located in a variety of places for the convenience of pet owners. Don't forget about trails! Dog owners love to take their furry friend with them and having the pet waste stations scattered throughout helps with pickup.

When your staff is doing its regular maintenance sweep of the park, they also should check to be sure waste stations are fully stocked with pet waste bags. Take note if bags seem to be running out before you can refill them, and adjust your scheduling as needed. You also can look for a subscription refill program to help save time and ensure you have supplies when needed.

Educate pet owners about the dangers of leaving pet waste behind, and make sure visitors know the rules. Include signs throughout your park reminding pet owners that picking up after their pets is their responsibility. You can list other rules as well, such as leash requirements. Signage can be whimsical and humorous, or just a no-nonsense statement of the rules with associated fines for failure to comply.

Obviously, you'll want to locate at least one pet waste station near your dog park, but that's not the only place where messes can occur. You should also include pet waste stations at park entrances, along pathways and anywhere else people tend to play with their pets.



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